About Us

In the Beginning

NW Golf Maps was started by a pioneer in the advertising business, Jack Reber, back in 1991. His love for golf and advertising were a perfect blend to bring this publication to life. Knowing that there was a strong desire for golfers to find courses to play that they weren't aware of, or didn't know where to find them, was the driving factor to create the publication.

Over the Years

In the beginning, NW Golf Maps was primarily just that, a printed golf map. Once the internet really took off in the 90's, Jack decided to create the associated website as well, and expand the courses to include all of Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Western Montana. This was a bold endeavor and one that took a lot of time, and phone calls, to get the information. Jack maintained both the map and the website for 30 years, while still managing his own advertising agency, Century Marketing.

New Regime

I've known Jack Reber for many years, as we both had a love of golf and advertising. Many times we talked about the future and what that looked like for NW Golf Maps. We had talked about one day, the possibility of me taking over this wonderful opportunity, as he wanted it to live on and go to someone with the same passion for golf that he had. Well that day finally came in 2020 when Jack decided he was ready to retire and possibly play more golf. I was so excited to take on the legacy of NW Golf Maps. I started with the website and doing a revamp, as this was my background. The good news is the map is still as relevant today as it was in 1991.

About Me

I too am a long time marketing guy with a passion for golf. I started playing golf as a kid, riding my bike to Downriver Golf Course in Spokane, Washington with my starter set of clubs on my handlebars. I later joined the Shadle Park HS golf team, but was never quite good enough at that time. However, my passion never waned for the game.

I went into advertising after graduating from Eastern Washington University (Go Eags!), and have been in it ever since. I finally found something else I was passionate about and actually pretty good at. Over my career I've created more than 2,000 TV commercials, managed a printing company, managed sales teams, helped launch a number of websites, and managed the marketing for a number of companies. However, golf has always been my sports passion. While my handicap is higher than I like, my enjoyment of the game is as strong as ever. As my team and I continue to grow NW Golf Maps, I will still be working on getting my first hole-in-one. Maybe someday!

R Kevin Oliver